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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Dear all,

The famed quadrangle of CRPF school with the tree of knowledge which is witness to many students and generations was the venue of school's much awaited ALUMNI MEET on 31 January 2010 .
Alumni meet photographs are uploaded here. (Photography by Satwik Mudgal)

More than 200 alumni participated in the event and, shared their experiences especially the seniors who passed the school at its infancy !!! The meet commenced with the School's Head Boy and Head Girl extending their heartiest wishes to the Alumni for their mass participation. It was followed by the lighting of lamp by Principal sir and other teachers and alumni. Then principal sir Mr.Suraj Prakash gave the welcome address and explained the very purpose of alumni association !! Want to know what's next ? Well, the stage was handed over to the alumni to come and entertain !!!

It is said "Music speaks what cannot be expressed ,soothes the mind and gives it rest ,heals the heart and makes its whole , flows from heaven to soul ". The theme was carried forward by the band of Anuvrat Mukhi (batch-2008), Dhiman Dutta(batch-2006) and Narender Chetri (batch-2009)... who performed on the tunes like "Give me some Sunshine...". Then was Kunal khanna (batch-2005) who mesmerised the audience by his enchanted performance on the song "Yaroon Dosti" , one the very purpose of the meet !!!

But the most alluring and fascinating performance was by the rock band of Uday Kranti . Manav Khosla and Vikram Sharma, all of batch 1995 , who transfixed the air by harmony like "Summer of 69" and "Yeh Dosti " after the musical extravaganza, alumni volunteers were selected from each batch who would represent their respective batch in further meets .

Then their was Chit Chat with friends and teachers reliving the fond memories of school , dancing within the same old groove, cherishing their reminiscence. Later alumni enjoyed the lunch and shook their legs to tranquil music.

Also, with due appreciation to almost EVERYONE who directly or indirectly helped to make the Meet a success, we would want to convey our special thanks to some of the volunteers, who invisibly delivered their duties in the best way possible. Their names are Megha Kashyap, Himanshu Chaddha, Megha Sharma, Satwik Mudgal, Swati Kataria, Tuneer, Anuvrat Mukhi, Tanuj , Ashmit. and so on... To be honest, the list is endless. We may have skipped some names. We regret that. But we appreciate your invaluable support through out. Thanks...

Yes, we achieved something. We achieved togetherness and fellowship... that sweet aroma of friendliness which will surely drive all of you alumni who are reading this post now to the meet every year with same enthusiasm and vigor to make it a success.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Interactive Session held on 23 Jan 2010 regarding ALUMNI MEET

Dear all

We are thrilled to inform you that we aren't alone! In the school's beautiful endeavor of organizing an Alumni Meet on Sunday, the 31st of January, we have many helping hands and well wishers now ! As requested earlier, Alumni volunteers were asked to come to school today (i.e. on 23 January) to finalize the main events for the Meet. Around 25 volunteers turned up, representing their respective batches and literally bubbling with splendid ideas !

* Since everybody wants to do everything on that day, so we may run short of time. We wish to tell you that the registration time for the event will be strictly between 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. There is absolutely no scope to extend it. If you can't make it somehow, unfortunately it will be your loss. The programme will start at 11:30 SHARP. So, BE ON TIME (as the school has always asked you to !).

* The REGISTRATION FEE ( of Rs. 200/- per alumnus) will be collected at the registration counter itself.

* The beginning of the event will be marked by a Group Photograph Session for EVERY batch. (We told you that you are going to love it !)

* The NAME OF THE ALUMNI OF CRPF PUBLIC SCHOOL will be decided there and then... with the consensus of all of you. As you can see, we have already uploaded a poll on the right side of the blog with the list of a few names suggested by the volunteers. You may vote too! Obviously, there may be other and better options. YOUR suggestions are ALWAYS welcome.

* To ensure regular organization of Alumni Meet every year, four eminent titles namely the President, the Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer will be awarded to the Alumni.

* Also, nomination of two members for the Executive Committee from EVERY batch will take place. The only reason is that we will ALWAYS need helping hands !

* Then, of course, the 'Stage is all YOURS'! Many alumni are desperate and enthusiastic to rock the show. Few batches have already confirmed their performances. But we have no intentions to disclose about their sweet secret plans ! JUST BE THERE AND ENJOY !

* We make a request yet again to mail your OLD PHOTOGRAPHS and stuff to our e-mail ID. You may also bring them along in CD's on 31 January. What is more important is that you share them with us ...

* Also, we need SUGGESTIONS, OPINIONS and COMMENTS from YOUR side. We hope that you have understood by now that This will be a meet FOR the Alumni, OF the Alumni, and let's make it BY the Alumni too. So, just don't try to hesitate in communicating and conveying your ideas to the school through this platform. The Message Board is all yours. And we are anxiously waiting for your mails too.

*And yes, did we tell you that we would love to see you dancing and having fun? No... So, let us inform you now that we have some arrangements of Music for you after lunch. Bring along your special requests for songs in CDs. It's definitely not going to be a talent hunt. It will be a Celebration of Our Togetherness.

We look forward to see you on 31 January....

CRPF Public School

Interactive Session With Alumni Volunteers On 14 January

Dear all

As you know that our school is hosting the " Alumni Meet" on Sunday, 31 January 2010, we wish to update you about the Interactive Session that we had with some Alumni volunteers on 14 January. First and foremost, Online Registration is NOT the only way of registering yourself as the Alumni of CRPF Public School. It is just 'a' way ! All of you are invited to enjoy the celebration. Actual registration will be done on 31 January only. Some students have already volunteered to take charge but you know, we need more! Read till the very last word to know exactly what do we expect from you and from ourselves as well ! Following is a raw line of action for the event, and there is ALWAYS a scope for improvement !

1. Registration of the alumni ( 10:30 a.m. -11:30 a.m. ).

2. Batch-wise introduction on stage (and hopefully some photograph-clicking time!).

3. Some chit-chatting and re-connecting time with teachers and others (that's a must!).

4. We want that EVERY batch takes over the stage for at least 10 minutes to make the event livelier. No, we aren't kidding. Just connect with your friends and do 'something'. It can be just anything that symbolizes your memories and moments spent in your loving school. Go mad and wild with your ideas. We give you the platform to be yourself, to be a child yet again. It's going to be a life-time opportunity to be somebody you always crave to be. Send in your mails or just scribble in the comment section about your plans. We would love to arrange everything you would want.

5. Keep thinking about the appropriate name for 'your' Alumni gang. We have neither finalized the name of the event nor the name of the Alumni of CRPF SCHOOL. Wear your thinking caps and come with the best names. We will finalize the name on the day of Meet with the consensus only!

6. We request you to bring photographs and stuff which you still possess in pen drives, CD's or what-so-ever. Your memories are associated with us. And hence they are OUR memories. So, please bring them along. Let's have a cherishing time together !

We are always waiting for your queries, suggestions and opinions. We can't figure out a reason for you to hesitate. Hence, share with us what you feel.

With conviction in our ideas and immense hope for the success of not only the event but our humble initiative too, we sign off...

CRPF Public School

Monday, January 11, 2010

ALUMNI MEET 2009-2010

Hello everyone

Hope this new year brings loads of reasons for you to smile. Well, this post of ours is exclusively dedicated to the cause of our resolution of 'Always Being Connected!' through the Alumni Meet that the school plans to organize for all its Alumni and ex-teachers. We hope YOU are there with us in this endeavor !

First and foremost, we intend to inform you about the change in the date of the event. Due to the scheduled Pre-Board Examinations for Board classes and other prior reasons, the Alumni Meet has been postponed to Sunday, 31 January 2010. We regret for any kind of inconvenience caused. The decided duration of the meet extends from 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We host the event in the school premises itself. The school intends to charge Rs. 200 as the Alumni Registration fee from all those who were never registered with the school's Alumni Club. The collection of fee will be done on the day of meet only.

Now comes the point where we need YOU. Yes, we invite Alumni volunteers to co-ordinate with us and hence make this initiative a success. We are holding an Interactive Session on Thursday, 14 January 2010 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the school for the same purpose. We look forward to see you there. It can neither be 'Me' nor just 'You' but 'We' who can bring this dream true. We need helping hands in almost everything !

And for all those who can't come on 14 January, we got homework for you! Tell us how would you like to name the Alumni Meet. Do send us your suggestions and possible names as we will only finalize the name with your consensus. Also, we have very little idea of what do you expect from us. So, again, tell us about the various possible ways in which we can make this meet really memorable for all of you. Write to us about games, programmes and other stuff. In fact, we invite your entries in case you want to showcase your special talents on that day. And very importantly, we request you to bring photographs and other things which you may be having that symbolizes your memories and your respective batches. We would like to have a copy of them. Who knows we may even scan them for our records. We have all the intentions to compile and hence re-connect with our family members!

There is absolutely no reason for you to step back! This will be a meet FOR the Alumni, OF the Alumni, and let's make it BY the Alumni too! On this note, let us share a little secret! We are determined to make such Alumni Meets a regular feature of the school's curriculum. The school has agreed to dedicate the last Sunday of December for Alumni Re-union EVERY YEAR.

We hope we have communicated well. Click here to read Principal sir's exclusive message dedicated to the Alumni. Click here to read the formal invitation put forth by Vice-Principal Ma'am. All those who are yet to register themselves with us, click here to fill up the Alumni Registration Form. Refer to our earlier post for other clarifications regarding the same. We welcome all your suggestions, comments, opinions, inquiries and everything. Just Do Not hesitate to mail us or tag us on our message board. We are already flooded with the registration forms. We hope you will overwhelm us with a positive response to this post too. Keep following us for further updates.